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At Kar Kraft, we have the best tools and technologies to repaint your car properly and to make sure it stays looking great for as long as possible

At Kar Kraft, we have the best tools and technologies to repaint your car properly and to make sure it stays looking great for as long as possible, all while following environmentally safe and responsible practices.

We paint using high-quality waterborne paints. Using a waterborne base-coat provides a more consistent paint surface, in part because waterborne paints dry more quickly than older paint types. That not only reduces the time needed to paint and cure your vehicle, but also ensures a more consistent color and finish across the entire car; you won’t see lighter and darker patches on different parts of the vehicle. Paints can be expertly color-matched against other body panels or parts on your car to ensure a like-new appearance. Best of all, the paints have a lifetime warranty directly from global manufacturer , so you know your car’s paint job is protected from defects or blemishes for as long as you own it.



Kar Kraft Auto Paint

Not only do they ensure a consistent finish, but using waterborne paints is significantly less harmful to the environment, as they emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the paint process. VOCs pollute the atmosphere and can cause respiratory problems in humans. Many states now have strict laws restricting the amount of VOCs that can be emitted during the automotive paint process, but our waterborne car paints produce far lower VOC levels than older, solvent-based paint types. That means less damage to the atmosphere and the environment when your car is repainted.

Simply spraying paint, however, isn’t the only step to a great-looking car with a durable finish. For best results, each new coat of paint must dry quickly and evenly, at a consistent temperature all over the vehicle. We use a vortex air drying system to guarantee that your car’s brand-new paint will dry evenly, ensuring factory-quality, consistent looks all over the vehicle, as well as promoting long-term durability. By carefully heating and circulating air, our drying system properly cure paint after application. It’s no good painting a car carefully if you don’t properly dry and bake the paint afterward.

After your car has been painted, you don’t need to do anything special to it — you can go ahead and drive it as normal. 

You always have a choice when picking where to have your vehicle repaired, even if your insurance company tries to say otherwise. However, you can rest assured that we are a direct-repair approved facility for many major insurance companies. That means insurance agencies have recognized our outstanding repair work, and would encourage their clients to have vehicles repaired with us. Insurers maintain lists of direct repair facilities to make sure their clients only get the best treatment and the highest-quality repairs, and we’re proud to have been recognized in this respect. Plus, if you do decide to work with us, we save you huge headaches by working with your insurance company on your behalf.

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